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Amigos Christian School

Amigos-School-OptThe Amigos Christian School is located on the outskirts of Guatemala City in an area called Peronia. This area grew up in the 70s when Guatemala experienced a severe earthquake. Many people, having lost their homes and their work in rural areas of Guatemala, flocked to the city in hopes of finding work and a new start. Without a place to live, they settled in this outlying area of the city and lived in cardboard houses. The Amigos Church and School were started by Carlos Rivera to minister to these people. The school has now grown to over 200 students in grades Kindergarten through 9th grade.

As time has passed, the families in this area have improved their homes, and most now live in block homes with concrete floors. Most homes have electricity, one small bathroom with only cold water, a sink in an outside patio to wash dishes and clothes, and a couple bedrooms, often with no doors. Every other day the city provides running water for a few hours. On “off” days, the families use water they have collected in 55-gallon drums to flush toilets and wash dishes.

Unfortunately, because of lack of education and employment, many in this area have turned to crime, resulting in many gangs and drugs. In the midst of this crime, the Amigos Church and School provide hope and help for children who could otherwise fall into this pattern of living. Students who receive sponsorships are required to attend church and to maintain good grades and good behavior. Their lives will be different because of you!

The children at the Amigos School walk to school, some for up to a half hour. The elementary children attend school in the morning, and the middle school students attend classes from 1-6 p.m. They do not eat lunch at school, but have snacks available at recess time.

Students at the Amigos School, and most schools in Guatemala, are required to wear a formal uniform as well as a uniform for physical education on days when they have PE classes. Sponsorships help provide these uniforms. They also provide books and if needed, fees for computer classes, which includes internet access.

The parents of children who receive sponsorships are very, very grateful. They are thrilled their child is able to attend school, where many have been introduced to Christ. Sponsorships are making a huge difference in the lives of these children!