About Us

Children available for sponsorship have been carefully chosen based upon true needs caused by the circumstances of their lives. Being born in a small village in Central Guatemala can be a seemingly hopeless obstacle to overcome.

Sponsored students and their families are very grateful for the opportunity provided by their sponsors. Because they understand this help is their best opportunity to improve their circumstances, they are enthusiastic about attending school and are dedicated to their studies. They feel a genuine responsibility to demonstrate their appreciation by working hard in school. Their love for their sponsors lasts a lifetime!

Our most frequent request from a sponsored student is for information on how they can pray for their sponsor. Connecting Hearts Ministry is unique in that it allows families to be closely involved with the children they sponsor. Three times annually (January, July, and October) representatives of CHM travel to Guatemala and meet personally with the sponsored children and their families. This affords an opportunity to exchange letters, gifts, pictures, and details about the life of the child. CHM also welcomes sponsors to accompany them to Guatemala to meet their children.

Your choice to sponsor a child will give you the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of a child. They will be presented with the hope that education brings. More importantly, they will be presented with the hope that only comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.